Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4th 2010 HNT

Hey there it was me that was the MG today! I am not to sure what to say here but thanks for dropping in to say hi! Because I did MG HNT I didn't have much time to do something else for my own blog as well... but if you scroll down would will find my past few and I though I would share a few personal ones for fun.

I got a 6 month old puppy for my birthday (which is today!) So my hands have been kinda full! The photos are of my new pup Moto and a Lamborgini, yes I am sitting in it and the engine was running! (no they would not let me drive away!)

Enjoy! and thanks again for dropping by!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cars, Trucks and SUVs! Oh My!

Its been official for about a week. I have quite my current job and will be starting the new one on the 8th of March. Pretty excited. Though I will miss a few attribute about my current job. The main one being the access I get to cars. Cars of all kinds.

Trust me I have seen my share of Cobalts and G5s, Versas and Yaris'. And even though the Prius is a freak of a car.. (in looks and how you drive it) it does have a special place in my heart... kinda like the way you love a geek. You name a 2002 -2009 model of car and for the most part I have driven it or at least had my hands on the keys, sat in, turned it on and open and shut everything that you can on a car.

Going into this business I really thought I wanted a Kia Soul. Not to say I don't like them. They are fun little SUVs... but with all the driving and playing with cars I have done, my heart is set on a FJ Cruiser, a Standard one. LOVE those SUVs DYING to get one!!

Mind you Its not just all your standard vehicles that you typically see on the road that I would get my hands on. I have played with Mercerdes, BMW, Jags, Porsche, Saabs of all kinds... lost count on those, but I did play with the 36S Mercedes Roadster. The one that is one step under the Maclaren. Hot car`... but it was in the showroom so I didn't get to have too much fun.

As for Show room vehicles to date I have had the keys of 2 Lamborginis, 4 Maseratis and 6 Ferraris in my hand, and have been taken for a drive in one of the Ferrari. Saddly, never an Aston Martin :(

And yes I had all the Ferrari keys at once... it was kind of mind blowing to be holding those. I sat in most of them, but only went for a ride in one.

I even got to play with a new Ford Raptor... mind you it was sold at the time and I had to request to see it, but Still... That is one amazing and stunning Truck!

So if you happen to be in the market for a new car I can share my best opinion and advise on what you might need and what might be best for you... and don't worry I never sold cars... I just photographed them! The photos you see are the ones I took at the time I was photographing them... though these are my photos...jut taken with my camera phone.. these are the actual cars I played with.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HNT Winter Games - Feb. 25, 2010

As some of you might know I love Snowboarding. Saddly, I am much better at photographing it the actually shredding (slang for the action of snowboarding).

So this is some of my snowboarding gear! (minus the pants and the jacket which are just not that sexy of a look on me... but I do wear the short short panties... as they keep my bottom a little warmer!) My super amazing 32 boots (ultra light and super warm). My Flow bindings... and my Firefly board... ok its not an impressive board by any means. I wish it were a Roxy or Burton board... but those are $$$ and frankly I need to prove my snowboarding skillz before I invest in one of those. But I can (for the most part) get down the slopes without hurting myself!

But there is a deeper meaning to my Firefly board. Once apon a time... long long ago in the world of blogging... I was known to many as Firefly. In fact that was my AKA here on blogger... and how Os first came to know me!

You can check my Photography skills here: Macmillen Photography

Happy HNT everyone! Go Canada Go!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

so much brainstorming...

is there such a thing as too much brainstorming? I mean I had a huge one, it lasted almost all day... i kept encouraging it... cause it was a good one. But now I have fallen in to the brainstorm abyss. when you have some up with a great idea... kept thinking of great things to make it happen. Then phoof! its like a nasty calm after the storm when the wind stops and the weather settles... but you will have the hibbie jibbies from the storm. This is how i feel right now... i felt amazing all day... constantly coming up with great ideas and now... i am full of self doubt. Can I really pull something like this off? I did some research on the net... there are a few website have already cover this topic. But NOT the way I want to.

I love my idea... sure I have NO idea where to start. But that is how it all begins. so I am not worried about that, but perhaps afraid of all the work ahead of me. I know this isn't a one women show... I will need help. thats fine... i have a few resources now.. and some great connections.

I think it is just time to take a break from the storm. just a little one cause i don't want to lost momentum...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hore Snow Example

And its not just because its on a "Tim Hortons" cup... I wish I could find and description for it but there isn't too much on the net... but snow rarely collects like this... its more common is higher elevations, for example this photo was taken at Kicking Horse Mt. In Golden, BC. at an elevation of somewhere just under 2450 metres (8033 feet) cause it wan't taken at the VERY top of the mountain just at one of the top lodges!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

HNT... Thing I do while HN.

What to wear!?!?

Why is it that what you want to wear is always in the wash? I had a hard time thinking of what to do for HNT this time around, brainstormed a bit. Then I thought... For the next little while I will have a theme of "Chores" and "Things I do Half Neked!"

Not my best photo... i mean quality wise, I was only using my lil' camera... I thought for a change I would go back to it, seeing is how when I started doing HNT originally this was the camera I used.

Happy HNT everyone!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Should be interesting tomorrow...

I have a 2nd job interview tomorrow. One I just let go and didn't worry about. I am kinda sitting on the fence about this one. This job would be quite a challenge for me. I am excited to think of getting this job... but nervous at the same time if i did get it.

I am guessing it is best not to worry about. If I am meant to have it... it will be mine.