Thursday, January 28, 2010

HNT... Thing I do while HN.

What to wear!?!?

Why is it that what you want to wear is always in the wash? I had a hard time thinking of what to do for HNT this time around, brainstormed a bit. Then I thought... For the next little while I will have a theme of "Chores" and "Things I do Half Neked!"

Not my best photo... i mean quality wise, I was only using my lil' camera... I thought for a change I would go back to it, seeing is how when I started doing HNT originally this was the camera I used.

Happy HNT everyone!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Should be interesting tomorrow...

I have a 2nd job interview tomorrow. One I just let go and didn't worry about. I am kinda sitting on the fence about this one. This job would be quite a challenge for me. I am excited to think of getting this job... but nervous at the same time if i did get it.

I am guessing it is best not to worry about. If I am meant to have it... it will be mine.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

25 things....

1. I'm wiccan... though only through self study
2. I am never truly sure about my self confidence
3. I blogged years ago and am happy to return
4. I want to be a published writer.
5. I want to be a published photographer
6. My anger is under much better control these days
7. Though I am afraid all my demons may return someday
8. I am 34 and married to my second husband... love him very very much.. so happy!
9. I love video games
10. I still play then and search out the stores for new ones
11. I see things to photography around me constantly. Beauty in everything
12. I'm a smoker... though i plan on quitting
13. I worked in TV for 13 years... don't now... and won't go back. TV in Canada is falling apart I know many people who have lost jobs.
14. ... including myself
15. i prefer werewolves to vampires... but have loved vampires since i was a little kid, ever wrote a book report on Dracula in 3 grade.
16. I'm enjoy a glasses of wine. with a few more in my plans
17. Gewurztraminer is a wine i am going to try!
18. I have 2 dental implants
19. I am a very different person from 5 years ago... mostly to do with my emotions
20. i love chocolate... love it
21. I drive the speed limit...
22. Fringe is the best damn tv show
23. i own 2 cats, but really want a dog
24. i love my cats though... they make me laugh every day
25. I would like you to ask me some questions.... will you??

Saturday, January 23, 2010

oh whats the word...

.. I am feeling creative but not, wanting to write, crochet or read... but not. So I am blogging.

I had a relaxing day today. G worked until 2pm today... not that it stresses me out to have him home! lol but it was a quiet day. The usual bunch of chores, a few naps...then went shopping after he got home. Some people may just me, but I love shopping at Value Village. In fact it no longer makes sense to me to go shopping for most clothes at the malls anymore. When I can by Guess, Old Navy, Jacob, Dynamite and many other brand names that fit me well, for a fraction of the price, who cares if they are used?! Sure I am picky about what I buy... I have to admit I am pretty excited about the Aldo boots I picked up today. They are winter boots, I needed some for work. not sexy boots! But warm and comfy and fashionable for winter practicality. And only $14.99... Black suede... I am sure they cost about $100 new! Pretty much no wear on them at all.

Anywho, just started up Fringe on the ole' Apple TV... just uploaded 4 episodes! Whee!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cold Feet

yes I have cold feet, right now... I took my socks off an hour ago and now my feet are cold. But it made me think of how my snowboard boots keep my feet really toasty and in turn that made me think of snowboarding, in turn made me all excited about going to the Snowboarding World Cup next weekend to get some more shots!!

I did quite a bit of turning there... it looks like 4 so i guess i did a 360? LOL sorry, guess the meds from earlier are still getting to me. I guess i am really happy about shooting again because I have been asked to return by some of the snowboarders from the last competition. Its flattering... I am thrilled that they like my photos of them!

Did you not see the photos I took this past weekend of the National Snowboarding Tour? For shame!! you should go check them out!

Ok ok... here is a sample... but you should really check out them all out on my flickr page! I would really like to know what you think!

To blog or do some chores...

I would really like to get a few things done around the house.... its not in bad shape but the more I do now the less I will have to deal with on the weekend! I really want to just sit here, type... or get some more photos on, but as I look around I would love it more if I blogged in a tidy home... damn responsiblities :/ I will be back... again

not feeling so hot

... so i took some time off work today. Not the full day... that is impossible... but the afternoon.. so hopefully I will get some photos done and some work on my blog too. I should return in about 2 hours... I will drug myself up and get some stuff done before they make me too sleepy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A return to HNT...

My first thought after getting back on Blogger was getting back in touch with Os and HNT, Half Neked Thrusday... It was so much fun back then.. For now I will post and oldie but a goodie as I was unprepared with a new photos... next week I will post something brand new!

Back on Blogger...

It has been many many years, well ok not that long but long enough that I know a few of my original blogger friends have missed me! So here I am... once again a blogger. I have started a few blogs type things and then never got back to them over the last few years, but I believe it is time to get on this again... my plan to post about my photo sessions, photo ideas and random photos I just happen to shoot ... I had a blog on Opera for my photos but everyone just kept treating it like a dating site... so that didn't work!! LOL

I will see about transferring those blogs to this one... as I would like to add them... I just have to remember the password! So did I shoot anything today? Other then cars (for work) no... though I think about taking a shot of a 08 Nissan Altima.. why you ask? It was a coupe... and for some strange reason with all the cars I have been in and out of since July I had never really crossed one... or perhaps I just didn't pay attention. I have to say... it is one really nice looking car.... It really surprised me to realize it was an Altima

But I am faithful to the Toyota FJ... I want one... I need one... I WILL HAVE ONE! And it will be a manual trans. Color? not sure... just not blue. The blue is too smurfie... yes I said smurfie... thats what it makes me think of.... i think it is because of the white roof.

On a new note I was in and out of a bunch of Acuras today... nice cars... really, but I will have to take one for a spin... and get more acquainted with them I don't know the models at all..