Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cars, Trucks and SUVs! Oh My!

Its been official for about a week. I have quite my current job and will be starting the new one on the 8th of March. Pretty excited. Though I will miss a few attribute about my current job. The main one being the access I get to cars. Cars of all kinds.

Trust me I have seen my share of Cobalts and G5s, Versas and Yaris'. And even though the Prius is a freak of a car.. (in looks and how you drive it) it does have a special place in my heart... kinda like the way you love a geek. You name a 2002 -2009 model of car and for the most part I have driven it or at least had my hands on the keys, sat in, turned it on and open and shut everything that you can on a car.

Going into this business I really thought I wanted a Kia Soul. Not to say I don't like them. They are fun little SUVs... but with all the driving and playing with cars I have done, my heart is set on a FJ Cruiser, a Standard one. LOVE those SUVs DYING to get one!!

Mind you Its not just all your standard vehicles that you typically see on the road that I would get my hands on. I have played with Mercerdes, BMW, Jags, Porsche, Saabs of all kinds... lost count on those, but I did play with the 36S Mercedes Roadster. The one that is one step under the Maclaren. Hot car`... but it was in the showroom so I didn't get to have too much fun.

As for Show room vehicles to date I have had the keys of 2 Lamborginis, 4 Maseratis and 6 Ferraris in my hand, and have been taken for a drive in one of the Ferrari. Saddly, never an Aston Martin :(

And yes I had all the Ferrari keys at once... it was kind of mind blowing to be holding those. I sat in most of them, but only went for a ride in one.

I even got to play with a new Ford Raptor... mind you it was sold at the time and I had to request to see it, but Still... That is one amazing and stunning Truck!

So if you happen to be in the market for a new car I can share my best opinion and advise on what you might need and what might be best for you... and don't worry I never sold cars... I just photographed them! The photos you see are the ones I took at the time I was photographing them... though these are my photos...jut taken with my camera phone.. these are the actual cars I played with.


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