Tuesday, February 16, 2010

so much brainstorming...

is there such a thing as too much brainstorming? I mean I had a huge one, it lasted almost all day... i kept encouraging it... cause it was a good one. But now I have fallen in to the brainstorm abyss. when you have some up with a great idea... kept thinking of great things to make it happen. Then phoof! its like a nasty calm after the storm when the wind stops and the weather settles... but you will have the hibbie jibbies from the storm. This is how i feel right now... i felt amazing all day... constantly coming up with great ideas and now... i am full of self doubt. Can I really pull something like this off? I did some research on the net... there are a few website have already cover this topic. But NOT the way I want to.

I love my idea... sure I have NO idea where to start. But that is how it all begins. so I am not worried about that, but perhaps afraid of all the work ahead of me. I know this isn't a one women show... I will need help. thats fine... i have a few resources now.. and some great connections.

I think it is just time to take a break from the storm. just a little one cause i don't want to lost momentum...


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