Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HNT Winter Games - Feb. 25, 2010

As some of you might know I love Snowboarding. Saddly, I am much better at photographing it the actually shredding (slang for the action of snowboarding).

So this is some of my snowboarding gear! (minus the pants and the jacket which are just not that sexy of a look on me... but I do wear the short short panties... as they keep my bottom a little warmer!) My super amazing 32 boots (ultra light and super warm). My Flow bindings... and my Firefly board... ok its not an impressive board by any means. I wish it were a Roxy or Burton board... but those are $$$ and frankly I need to prove my snowboarding skillz before I invest in one of those. But I can (for the most part) get down the slopes without hurting myself!

But there is a deeper meaning to my Firefly board. Once apon a time... long long ago in the world of blogging... I was known to many as Firefly. In fact that was my AKA here on blogger... and how Os first came to know me!

You can check my Photography skills here: Macmillen Photography

Happy HNT everyone! Go Canada Go!!


Amorous Rocker said...

Great picture! I like that snowboard too. =) Happy HNT!

Phynixbelle said...

thanks!! It has a ton of sticker on it, as you can see... and i have a whole box full of new stickers.. but at this point i have to get a new board to put them on. My fav stickers on there are ones i don't think you can see. They say:

"My drinking team has a snowboarding problem"
and the other one is
"Girls Rip!"

Anonymous said...

Awesome pic, awesome legs. No snowboarding here in the tropics though.

Lookin good!

James said...

Great picture. I like the gear.

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